Welcome to RideEveryTile!

Ride Every Tile is the reference site for cyclists who want to ride everywhere. Look at the the global heatmap to see if you have been somewhere no-one else has.

What is a Strava tile?

Strava tiles, also called VeloViewer tiles, are a division of the world into a grid of 16,384x16,384 squares, each one about a mile wide. The goal of Riding Every Tile is try to visit as many of these tiles as you can, using only human power. Typically "tilers" ride a bike to get a tile, but some tiles are difficult - like up a mountain or on a lake - you may need to walk, swim or kayak to those.

What does Ride Every Tile track?

  • Max square: The longest square block that you have visited every tile in
  • Max cluster:
  • One day max square


See the national leaderboards to see how you shape up against your country folk. The max square and max cluster progressive leaderboards show the on-going battle for the largest visited areas globally.

Is any tile impossible?

We are also trying to keep track of the impossible tiles But is any tile really impossible?! leave your feedback on how to get to a tile on the heatmap.

Be inspired

Be inspired by some of the most extensive tilers so far ... we have interviews with current max square leader Jürgen Knupe and the first person to visit a 100x100 square, Jonathan France.