Single ride record progression

This table shows the progression of the record for the large square plotted in a single day. Click the date to see the ride on Strava. Click the athlete to see their VeloViewer profile. This data is maintained by hand. Please let us know if you are aware of any other epic tiling rides!

After Eric Nichols's genre-inventing 9x9 ride in his home U.S. state of New Hampshire, single day rides have tended to happen in the road-dense region of North Rhine-Westphalia in the north-west of Germany. Do you know somewhere that has the right combination of high-density roads, relatively flat terrain but not too much traffic and traffic lights that would make for a competitor to the NRW riders' dominance?

The failed GPS trace of Elmar Hogenboom's 21x21 single effort ride.

When Who Where Size Ride length (KMs) KMs/tile Moving time Tiles/hr Commentary
14/01/2017 Eric N New Hampshire, United States. 9x9 127.75 1.58 5hr 48min 14.0 The first known deliberate attempt at making a square
09/05/2018 Stephan L North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 12x12 204.1 1.42 8hr 4min 17.9 The first time the single ride record was deliberately targetted.
08/09/2018 Stephan L North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 15x15 309.1 1.37 13hr 15min 17.0
19/09/2018 Jan.K North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 12x12 169.9 1.18 6hr 54min 21 An efficiency record at the time (note the Strava activity includes the "ride to the ride").
25/08/2019 Stephan L North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. 16x16 301.27 1.17 13hr 3min 19.6 Stephan describes this epic ride here
31/05/2020 Jan.K Gelderland, Netherlands 18x18 360.11 1.11 14hr 51min 21.82 Jan takes back the crown. The ride is described here. This ride is still an efficiency record for tiles per hour and tiles per km. It is also the largest GPX-verified ride.
31/05/2020 Elmar Hogenboom North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. A small part of the ride was in the Netherlands 21x21 537.2 1.22 22hr 31min 19.59 It is really worth reading Elmar's description of the ride. An extra-ordinary ride of 537km over rough terrain in the dark. No fewer than 4 punctures. And, worst of all, a GPS failure. So, should this ride be included in the hall of fame? For me, it very much should be... "GPX doping" is theoretically possible so ultimately we have to trust all riders that they've done what they've said they've done. In this case, I trust Elmar. Of course... it would be awesome if someone could do a 21x12 with a complete GPX!

This ride was featured in Cycling Weekly.