Welcome to RideEveryTile!

Ride Every Tile is the reference site for cyclists who want to ride 'everywhere'.

What is cycle tiling?

Strava tiles, also called VeloViewer tiles or simply "cycling tiles", are a division of the world into a grid of squares of various different sizes. The goal of Riding Every Tile is try to visit as many of these tiles as you can, using only human power. Typically, "tilers" ride their bike to get a tile, but some tiles are difficult - perhaps up a mountain or on a lake - you may need to walk, climb, swim or kayak to those. Read more about the history of tiling.

See the leaderboards

Ride Every Tile tracks visits to tiles of various sizes. The original tiles, popularised by VeloViewer and later Statshunters and Squadrats, we call zoom level 14 tiles. These are about a mile square, and there are 16,384x16,384 of these covering the globe. Squadrats introduced smaller tiles called "squadratinhos" - 64 of these fit into each original tile. We call these zoom level 17. Ride Every Tile has a leaderboard from zoom level 0 - one tile for the whole world down to level 17.

Be inspired

Be inspired by some of the most adventurous tilers so far. Click the images below for tales of 100x100 max squares, riding on the frozen sea and linking the Baltic to the Mediterranean.
A picture of Jonathan France from the neck up. He is wearing a blue top, a headband and sunglasses
Jonathan France
Max square : 101
Max cluster : 14753
All tiles count : 35656
A picture of Jürgen Knupe leaning over his bike
Jürgen Knupe
Max square : 109
Max cluster : 21969
All tiles count : 37138
Eric Nichols, randonneur
Eric Nichols
Max square : 63
Max cluster : 9476
All tiles count : 22488
Sem Elders and his girlfriend Daphne
Sem Elders
Max square : 92
Max cluster : 19630
All tiles count : 27658
Koos Woestenbourg riding through mud
Koos Woestenburg
Max square : 59
Max cluster : 25063
All tiles count : 44826
A picture of Yevhen holding his bicycle on a beach
Yevhen Z
Max square : 44
Max cluster : 3238
All tiles count : 24378