Single ride records

Current World Record Holder: Peter Lundgren: 25x25 tiles in a single ride

The table above shows the progression of the record for the largest square of tiles all visited in a single ride. By default, the rides that set a World Record are shown. Choose countries from the drop-down box to see how per-country records have developed around the world. You can also click on the date of the ride to see on it Strava, or the rider's name to see their VeloViewer profile. Sort by a column by clicking on its heading.

For now the records are maintained by hand. Please email us if you've beaten a record or are aware of any other epic tiling rides! In the future we will automatically detect records from rides uploaded to our 'all zooms' leaderboard page - see how to upload if you would like to upload your rides.

The rules: This is the 'single ride' record. A single ride doesn't have to take place on a single day, or even within a single 24 hours - the world record took a full 34 hours! You can also take reasonable breaks for meals, but sleeping is not permitted. In this regard, we follow the same rules as used by the Everesters and like them we ask you to please note that you undertake a record attempt at your own risk. can't accept any liability for your actions or safety. Please attempt records safely!

A map showing the GPS trace of Peter Lundgren's epic 25x25 single ride record

Peter Lundgren rode over 500 miles to get his 25x25 ride done.