How to upload your own stats.

If you already have an account

If you already have an account, go to the login page to login page. Then visit your athlete page. to upload rides.

If you don't have an account yet

Registration is open. Go to the signup page to create an account.

Uploading a single ride from Strava (desktop computer)

Firstly visit the activity page. Then click the three dots towards the bottom of the left-hand panel. Then click "Export Original". This will cause a file to be downloaded to your local computer which you can then upload to this site.

Uploading a single ride from Strava (iPhone)

To download a ride to your iPhone:
  • Go to in your Safari browser
  • Click the 'Aa' button to the left of the address bar and choose "Request Desktop Website"
  • You will see your usual main activity feed, with your rides and the people you follow
  • You can click the down arrow to the right of "Following" and choose "My Activities" to restrict to just your rides
  • Click on the ride of interest. You will get the normal desktop view of your ride.
  • Click the three dots on the left hand side (below 'Segments') and choose 'Export Original'
  • It will ask "Do you want to Download "{ride name}.fit". Just click download. The ride is now on your device
The file will appear in the "Recents" lists in your phone files when you click "Upload a ride" on this site.

Uploading a single ride from Garmin Connect

Login to Garmin Connect and go to the activity. Click the small cogs at the top-right of the page (below your profile picture) and then "Export Original". Again this downloads a file to your desktop that you can re-upload

Uploading a zip file of many rides

The RideEveryTile software will unpack any zip file and process any rides it finds in .fit, .gpx or .tcx format. One recommended way to get a zip file is from Strava. It will contain every ride you have uploaded. To do this:

  • - On Strava desktop whilst logged in, go to your account page
  • - Scroll down to 'Download or Delete Your Account' and click 'Get Started'
  • - On the next page click 'Request Your Archive'
  • - IMPORTANT Now just leave that Strava page. Definitely DON'T delete your Strava account
Shortly Strava will send you an email with a link to download your archive of all your Strava data, including your rides. Download that archive. If you wish, you can directly upload that file. However it contains more data than this site needs (such as photos and potentially other personal information), so we strongly recommend you create a reduced zip file containing only the 'activities' subdirectory of the zip, for your own privacy. In any case, the zip file will be deleted when it has been processed. The maximum upload size is 500MB.

Please note, large archives will take a while to upload! It is recommended that you upload a few single rides first to get a feel of whether the site is for you.

Why doesn't RideEveryTile use the Strava API to upload rides automatically?

Unfortunately the rules that developers have to agree to in order to use the API are very strict. You are told not to cache rider data for more than 7 days or to do anything that might compete with a Strava feature now or in the future. Although much of the API agreement appears to be ignored by both the Strava and developer sides currently, that may change in the future and it is not something I want to risk.

I have a question (or a problem, or an idea...)

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